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• Lying and dishonest behaviour to hide internet use from friends, family or employers.

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One 15-year-old teenager is in juvenile detention and another is recovering at home after the they bought 34 prescription benzoxazepine pills, used for anxiety and depression, to take with alcohol over the weekend.

They brought them from two adult men who were supplying alcohol to them.

If you like this website, please share it with your friends. Only this week Ms Dargan said she was offered drugs on the street."You can buy a tablet for — it makes me really upset cause kids are buying them now," she said."I was addicted to prescription drugs and have been for over 20 years now.It's so easy to get prescription drugs, and it's the doctors who are writing out the scripts." She said the drugs would allow her to zone out of her life."It blocks out everything, so a lot of people who have emotional upsets or anything like molestation or anything, like dramas in the family you take a pill and you don't remember," she can get them as cheap as a packet."NSW president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Brad Frankum, is also a doctor in Campbelltown Hospital and said drug abuse was a big problem."We have high rates of substance abuse so it makes sense that the prescription drugs are going to be one of those categories," Dr Frankum said.The AMA wants a database implemented as quickly as possible to limit the amount of pills patients can be prescribed."It needs to be national because obviously there's not much point in having a system where somebody can just pop across the border and dodge the system."One Campbelltown resident, Shantelle Dargan, knows how easy it is to buy prescription drugs.

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