Build a dating site with joomla speed dating in the dmv area

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- Photo Gallery (users can specify the images order) - Comment System (page owner can delete any comment on his page or report them to the admin) - Messaging System (users can create, send and receive personal messages) - Interaction System (sending kisses between user) - Rating System - Friends List (including pending requests; user can set the page status visible only for friends) - Ignore List (to avoid spamming or any unwanted contact) - Advanced Search (to find friends or matches after certain criteria's like gender, age, etc., criteria's which are fully configurable by the administrator from the existing page fields. - Membership Plans with integrated Payment Gateways: Paypal and Moneybookers (support for one till four membership-level, so that users can upgrade their account in order to receive a higher number of allowed photo and friends.

Some of the most visually appealing are University, Photo and Event Manager Template Monster are veterans when it comes to raising HTML design to the rang of art. templates you can find Love, Online Dating Services and Lifelong Romance Agency Joomla Shack are the proud developers that first brought to us the official Template Design guide for 10 years later, they are still delivering quality, light templates for amazing deals!

chnological evolution, we needed a solution to keep our emotional needs up with the pace. extension for virtual romantics - Love Factory Users benefit from fully editable member pages and custom fields which can be set by the website administrator.

citizens who are in a marriage or a committed relationship state they began their love story online ed one of the most popular Joomla!

[Visit Official Joomla Website] 2) Install and Configure Love Factory - Out of the many Joomla community extensions, I found Love Factory one the most apt since it's specifically meant for making this kind of a website.

[Visit Official Love Factory Page] Installing and Configuring this extension is as easy as setting up other Joomla extensions and doing in minute details of the process is not unproductive and also out of scope for this editorial, so what I'll do is just give you a brief overview of the features so you get the picture : - Member Pages with fully configurable fields!

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Before we get to the technology how to, it's important to first decide what kind of a dating website you should create.