Christian dating how to avoid temptation

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Christian dating how to avoid temptation

The underlying problems are usually loneliness, lack of fulfilling relationships, lack of direction, interest and excitement in life.A lack of self-acceptance and feelings of inadequacy can also lead someone to resort to a fantasy world of sexual relationships.So, it's perfectly logical that sexual temptation is taking a back seat to other more pressing and relevant issues.However, the many e-mails I received last week in response to my admission that I've watched a few episodes of that new TV show reminded me of a more subtle form of sexual temptation I think we singles in particular need to guard against: In today's entertainment culture, it's easy to get desensitized to sexual ethics and practices that are contrary to our Christian beliefs.Even with that great Biblical truth before him, he often found it impossible to resist the temptation to masturbate before going to sleep. It can easily become a bondage (sin) and rule one's life. It can be a hindrance to successful sexual intercourse in marriage. It can harm our relationships with other people, especially when we are tempted to see them as potential fuel for sexual fantasies. It can encourage us to be introspective and self-seeking - living in a fantasy world in which we avoid relating to people.The presenting problem may be masturbation, but it is not the real problem.may not struggle with sexual temptations, many struggle with controlling sexual desires.

Christ can help with every sinful and addictive behavior. The purpose of this article is to give scripture to those seeking answers for overcoming sexual sins.

Sometimes this feels as routine as other daily activities, like brushing my teeth or eating.

There is a constant battle between the fleshly part of us that wants our own way and the spiritual part of us that longs to please God (see ).

For these reasons and many more, if you gathered ten typical Christians in a room and asked them what they think the biggest struggle is for their single sisters and brothers, I bet a majority of them would mention sexual temptation. I have a pretty good idea why this issue didn't rank any higher: It's difficult to be tempted sexually when you haven't been on a date in a couple years!

Over the past many months we've also conducted polls and asked for feedback that's revealed a trend of Christian singles dating less and less.

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Masturbation is a subject, which many Christians seem wary to discuss, myself included.

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