Consolidating concrete bridge structure applications

Posted by / 07-May-2017 01:17

The construction industry has always longed for a high-performance concrete that can flow easily into tight and constricted spaces without requiring vibration.The need for this technology has grown as designers specify more heavily reinforced concrete members and ever more complex formwork.Another advantage of SCC is that the time required to place large sections is considerably reduced.When the construction industry in Japan experienced a decline in the availability of skilled labour in the 1980s, a need was felt for a concrete that could overcome the problems of defective workmanship.Achieving good surface characteristics requires thorough consolidation of the fresh concrete and thoroughly filled forms.Fortunately, this also leads to a durable material because water, precipitation, and aggressive chemicals or ions are shed by the surface skin.

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a big step forward in fool proofing that procedure.

Use of this type of concrete in precast, prestressed bridge elements has increased in recent years because of the increased rate of production and safety, reduced labor needs, and lower noise levels at manufacturing plants.

However, use of cast-in-place SCC has had limited application in bridge construction because of the lack of design and construction guidelines and concerns about certain design and construction issues that are perceived to influence the structural integrity of the bridge system.

The formed surfaces of SCC take on the textures of the formwork with little or no defects to repair.

SCC contributes to the construction of "Green Bridges." SCC facilitates the use of creative ways to prefabricate precast, prestressed concrete elements to achieve high production, while increasing plant safety and workers’ health and job satisfaction.

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Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) has generated worldwide interest in research and applications in precast and cast-in-place highway construction.