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Consolidating photos iphoto

Or do I need to move Aperture library to internal 2nd hard drive and use Consolidate Masters?

of i Photo master images on that same drive and referenced in new Aperture library?

Note that copying in this manner may cause Photos to briefly hang and show your cursor as a spinning beachball, but do not interrupt the process.

After a short while, your photos will be copied and show up in your second library.

One catch is that depending on the size of your library, you may have to pay Apple for additional i Cloud storage.

(For more details and tips, see my Tid BITS article i Cloud Photo Library: The Missing FAQ.) Unfortunately, Apple currently offers no good way for two or more people to keep their photo libraries in sync with each other, whether they’re using the same Mac (with different user accounts) or different Macs.

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If you use Photos and have more than one Apple device, you may want your entire Photos library to appear on all of them.