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Dating bunnykins

Famous artists represented in the HN figurine collection include Charles Noke, Leslie Harradine and Peggy Davies.We also feature an extensive collection of Royal Doulton character jugs and toby jugs which have become very collectible since the 1930s. An other test we made for the sole was talking with a physician and 6 elders.They told us what they thought about our idea and gave us some feedback.Things have changed since the early Thirties when Sister Barbara first entered the convent.

Also we tried different possitions to se how the sole adapts to stay attached to the shoe.From these tests we got that the material can adapt very good to the floor.Unfortunately, the sole does not stay atached to the shoe all the time, so we have to try other design or material for the insertion.As a result the secret artist sat up late at night, painting by candlelight because the convent had no electric light.The Reverend Mother remained so uneasy about the commission that she insisted the community should not benefit financially.

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Such things were normal in those days, but it must, none the less, have been a painful experience for parents to visit their enclosed daughters for the first time.

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