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Note: This section requires some knowledge of Bolt and Twig (in particular, Template Inheritance).Please remember that this is only one way to handle multilingual content.Questions and/or suggestions are welcome, please check the contributing guide or the Bolt community page for more information.pages-en: name: Pages singular_name: Page fields: &pagefields title: type: text class: large slug: type: slug uses: title image: type: image text: type: html height: 300px template: pages-nl: name: Paginas singular_name: Pagina fields: *pagefields template: pages-de: name: Seiten singular_name: Seite fields: *pagefields template: page.twig# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # [en] English # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ en-entries: path: /en/entry/ defaults: contenttype: en-entries # ... en-pages: path: /en/ defaults: contenttype: en-pages # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # [nl] Dutch # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ nl-entries: path: /nl/artikel/ defaults: contenttype: nl-entries # ... nl-pages: path: /nl/ defaults: contenttype: nl-pages Tip: Don't forget to check the Menu Editor extension. It is best to make use of the powerful Template Inheritance, in Twig, where you define one master template — e.g.Searching the collection is one activity that offers a wide range of interesting options.The same is true of the “explore the collection” pages, the Rijksstudio users’ collections, and the tiled images used to zoom in to tight close-ups of works of art.action=Frs Release Browse&frs_package_id=6454 Language: Arabic Unitag (ar-AA) Coordinator: Ashraf Damra Team Member: Karim Contact: dr.d.ashraf (at) Download Language Pack:

Things to do - Company descriptions is too short (458). You will first need to request an API key, to access the data and images. Below you find the documentation for the live website API.You can do this via the advanced settings of your Rijksstudio account. Each API endpoints varies a bit in the options available.Afrikaans | Albanian | Arabic Unitag | Armenian | Basque | Belarusian | Bosnian | Bulgarian | Catalan | Chinese Simplified | Chinese Traditional | Croatian | Czech | Danish | Dari Persian | Dutch | Dzongkha | English (Australia) | English (Canada) | English (USA) | Estonian | Finnish | Flemish | French | French (Canada) | Galician | Georgian | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Hungarian | Indonesian | Irish | Italian | Japanese | Khmer | Korean | Latvian | Macedonian | Malay | Montenegrin | Norwegian (Bokmål) | Norwegian (Nynorsk) | Persian | Polish | Portuguese (Brazil) | Portuguese (Portugal) | Romanian | Russian | Serbian (Cyrillic) | Serbian (Latin) | Sinhala | Slovak | Slovenian | Spanish | Spanish (Colombia) | Swahili | Swedish | Syriac (East) | Tamil (India) | Thai | Turkish | Turkmen | Ukrainian | Uyghur | Vietnamese | Welsh NEW in 3.x (and since 2.5.6).The Extensions Manager now proposes a new tab: Install Languages, where one can find all 3.x compatible language packs and install them directly from Joomla back-end.

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Bellow the top list you will find products organized by each category in this country! Last update on Oct 1, 2016Website language: Things done Company descriptions is fine.