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These cross-disciplinary research areas are home to research institutes of great repute.

Much of this work has already achieved a degree of scale with the creation of reasonably well-funded research groups and research centres within various disciplines.

Further research looks at modelling and simulation, which are integral to almost all physical and biological sciences.

Learn More NUI Galway is recognised as a world-leader in our five priority research areas.

Each research area is home to world-leading research institutes.

We focus on research that serves and anticipates economic, societal and cultural needs.

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In 1241, the Dominican Abbey was founded, a major institution which was eventually raised to the status of a university before being sacked by Cromwellian soldiers. Athenry retains many of its medieval buildings and features and the award-winning Athenry Heritage Centre (above left) brings this Medieval Town to life using models, storyboards and audio-visual touch screen to celebrate and interpret the town's medieval past.