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Hi, This lady doesn't post a name so I couldn't search for posts on her. As tight as anyone I've been with and that puts her in rare and respected company. We were both a slippery, sweaty mess at this point. Eventually we pried ourselves apart, wiped off and moved on to more DTBBBJ to recover.

She was in the area a while ago and have come back. I roamed her sexy figure at will and enjoyed playing with her ultra tight pussy. I am not going to compare my favorites, but Ariel's entire game is in that league and that's saying something. That was followed by several variations of doggie with her moaning, clutching and clawing at the sheets (hotter than all hell). Then more of that exquisite missionary action and we ended up with her on her knees in front of me giving me that brilliant DTBBBJ. Throughout the session Ariel was focused on pleasing me, not simply racing for the nut.

location - Travel at speeds up to 45 mph after idling down a natural canal in search of birds, turtles and alligators. - Lake Wales - (863)676-1408 - A 157 acre garden/park on the highest point found on the Florida peninsula, which includes a 57 bell carillon. This zoo is not a super-zoo like the San Diego or Bronx Zoos, but as zoos go, it holds its own.

Live performances on the carillon are performed occassionally (check their schedule). We took notice of how close the primate cages were to the public.

There is also an elevated wooden walkway through old palm/oak forest if you would like to see a part of natural Florida.

2100 West French Avenue, Orange City, Florida.™ - Kissimmee (two locations) - (407)933-4337 is for South Port Park and (407)344-9550 is for the Boggy Creek Rd. Call them for directions for the one closest to your hotel. north of Orlando) - (407)323-4450 - This 100 acre zoo features hundreds of animals, both native and from around the world.

Volusia's beaches are divided into three experience zones -- Natural, Transitional and Urban.While we are scheduled to convene at Sunrise Park, Holly Hill on Wednesday, our fearless leader, Art WB4MNK has opted out of this weeks festivities. Also it would be good to see Jeff N3GLV and Ed N3OB myself, I WILL STOP UP THERE IN THE FORLORN HOPE OF CATCHING A BAND OPENING.Bob W2EJG Field Day 2017 is one month away on June 24th and 25th.Call them before you go to see if they are open (they are closed during rocket launches.) If you are going to - Hot air balloon flights.Typically they offer: sunrise flights, champagne breakfasts, hotel pickups, first flight certificates, FAA certified pilots, insurance, and photo opportunities. - Orange City - (904)775-3663 - See endangered manatees (November to March, when it's cold outside [call them to see if the manatees are there]) which can be literally at arms length from you near some beautiful springs (the water remains 72 degrees year-round).

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To say we used to get along pretty well in the bedroom is an understatement. Upon returning from a recent business trip, I swung by Ariel's incall in Tavares. It felt so damn good as she bounced, jammed and ground that tight little pussy on me, intermixed with deep kissing and caresses. We eventually switched to missionary and several variations of that. Ariel delivered on her promise of a special session and I sincerely appreciate it. If there was a girl that worked out, took care of herself, didn't smoke or do drugs, and took the profession seriously; she would clean up. She's always freshly showered and dressed in heels whenever I see her. Great reviews on the Brevard Forum and the o Th ER site. See...t-why/20130893 So a few weeks ago I had a dream of a tiny little gem named Cassandra in De Land. Shockingly, I thought she looked better in person than in her pics. Usually, these girls use outdated pics taken in their prime or when they are fresh to the biz. I just found her to be genuine and that was a big turn-on for me.