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Carefully slide the bolt housing and extractor into the slide.

The trigger can be adjusted between 2 - 3 pounds by selecting an appropriate lever position.Wiki Leaks always said that he didn't get his information from Russia but someone in the DNC, and now the person that could have been the source is dead.Wasn't it Vince Foster that they say committed suicide and wasn't there a plane crash that killed someone who betrayed the Clintons.. it was around last august where he had an interview and said something to the effect of "our sources go to great lenghts/risks....Take care to ensure the grooved end of crosspin is positioned outward. It only has to be drifted part way to adjust the trigger pull on the Model 41.Adjustments can be made by moving the lever forwards or rearwards in the frame.

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Some of the wise people of Mexico border by car licence.

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