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Overall, however, femininity enjoys a good game of fetch.

In their eyes you will be more than just some guy who wants their number. The man of the hour's our favorite guy from the Bay—Kidd Strobe.He breaks down his jaw-dropping and effortless moves in a detailed Bone Break how-to that'll soon have you shocking your aunts and coworkers!Never fear, the guys at Gizmo Slip have brought our favorite sentient cinematic goop to life in this epic smartphone case drop test that may have you Googling "how do I make Flubber? If you want to see more creative durability tests, check out Gizmo Slip's You Tube Channel for more fun videos.Meet the contestant— sparkling new i Phone SE Please enable Java Script to watch this video We're pretty sure we heard some bones snapping... Though the name of this dance genre sounds pretty intimidating, "Bone Break" relies on the incredible flexibility and control of its user and doesn't involve actually hurting yourself.

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View Now , but hip hop illusionist Jibrizy's color association/mind-reading trick is one of the boldest performances we've seen.

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