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But I've got inspiration for writing much more MJ stuff so stay tuned! Always, there's a light through the darkness and the ability to overcome obstacles in good strength; love has a tendency of fulfilling a gap much needed as past patterns carry on. Didn't prepare him for the feeling of knowing he was responsible for John's soul as it bled out of him under Moran's hands.:)If you were curious enough to come to this page and read my profile description - Thank you! *Christmas gift-poem to a friend of mine that I've known nearly my whole life.*Sherlock Holmes considered himself knowledgeable on many things. Moran will not die well, of that he is certain.***REVISED!My profile at the Michael Jackson fanfiction site is with the same username (mermaidbyheart) just in case you're an MJ fan and like to read fanfics about him. Sherlock is Not Ok Will goes into the moon pool on a full moon and gets what he's always wanted, to become a merman. It's hard enough being a teenager- try being the daughter of a mermaid and not even knowing it!:) I've published one story there so far called "Fallin" (that I posted here now too). Follow Ellie Mc Cartney, Allison Dove, Ryder Bennett, and Katie Benjamin through the strangest summer of their lives.Only two seasons with a 52-episode arc were planned, but fan demand forced the producers to come up with a third series.

Together they shared the experience of being mermaids, until Bella moved away.Mitchell played tennis from the age of five to nineteen.He aimed to go professional, but gave it up after realising it was the only thing in his life. Mitchell trained at the Film and Television Studio International and worked with professionals such as Joss Mc William, Iain Gardner, Kim Krejus, Craig Mc Mahon and Dean Carey.Mitchell was born on 17 April 1985 and grew up on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.His parents later divorced and both went on to remarry.

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