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Some of the acronyms are also used as a print on t-shirts, on signs or in regular writing.It's sometimes even used in official documents, financial documents and other docs.

Before long, her primitive CRT monitor is displaying a Russian exercise program, then picking up messages from a British intelligence agent trying to escape Eastern Europe with key information. " when he hits "send," and eventually masturbates while frantically typing one-handed.

I have full privileges, admin, kick, title, etc.-- you know. However, when I try to change the settings of other deviants in the room, it does not let me adjust certain things, specifically what the other members can and cannot promote to.

The 'Founder' class is set at order=99 (as it should be), and I have another admin who is at order=98.

Do you just type your answer in the chat box, or do you need to address your answer to the moderator?

Or is there some other way you are supposed to contact the moderator? Thanks to anyone who can help just type in the moderator username ad then pres space and type in the answer like say................

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Another thing that complicates things: I hear individuals with hep c can test positive for longer simply because of liver damage.