Most intimidating fighter dating in liverpool uk only

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I know it might be hard for some of you, but try not to take it too seriously..list is just for fun.

He was cold and usually said nothing in the lead up to the fight, which made him seem almost like a serial killer waiting to strike – only you knew death was coming. Cain Velasquez He’s the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, but more importantly he’s a large, scary looking guy.Half-orcs are rarely the result of loving unions, and as such are usually forced to grow up hard and fast, constantly fighting for protection or to make names for themselves.Half-orcs as a whole resent this treatment, and rather than play the part of the victim, they tend to lash out, unknowingly confirming the biases of those around them.Some are straight out of the central casting service of nightmare producers everywhere.Here are the 10 most intimidating fighters active in the sport today. Personality is one factor, though rap sheets out of the cage are not as important as your appearance.

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His yes always seem to be looking for his next opponent or victim depending on how you look at it.