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(TTII) and Greenplay Organics, LLC are pleased to offer PFC PROFORMANCE CORK INFILL PFC Proformance Cork is a 100% organic and natural infill that offers a wide range of benefits for synthetic turf systems especially where water availability is at a minimum.PFC maintains its resiliency and performance characteristics under the same conditions and this is why we offer a ten year warranty to the synthetic turf industry against degradation and performance.With varying requirements for cork we also offer a ‘high-density’ in order to meet any designers’ need for any application.Most sign, with their parents, and either fax, e-mail or mail letters.And nationally, it is the football recruiting day that draws the most notice.

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PFC Proformance Cork infill, TTII’s Power of the Pad and silica sand is an excellent system we now provide to the industry”.