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She's also appeared in a set of promotional images for the brand, including one in which the selfsame man's holding her from behind and staring adoringly. Brian Austin Green's got on a silver sequined dress that drapes about her enviably svelte figure, and two large Lotus watches are displayed at the side.In another image, she's by herself, wearing a fringe-heavy mini-dress that shows off a fair amount of cleavage as she leans against a wooden wall.She's just as hot offscreen as she is on, and these bikini pictures prove it.Keep scrolling to see the expectant mom's best swimsuit moments from over the years, and then check out the most adorable pictures of her sons!

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As she ambles alongside the East River and over the bridge, a bracelet at her right wrist is thrown into sharp relief when she lifts her hem a tiny bit up her thigh.

By the end of her ad, she's met up with another Lotus-watch-wearing model, this one a dashing man, and the two of them approach one another as the sun sets.

It is only a matter of time before the Duchess of Cambridge is photographed sitting in front of her, looking sad. The eyebrow is in perfect balance, like a problem of logic, or a maze I could get lost in only to be plucked out by the tweezer of reality. But the problem is that women no longer need to be beautiful in order to express their talent. Were the hospitals all closed or something My God she’s beautiful.

Lurgey Girl Lena Dunham, Fatty Adele, Lady Specsavers and Amy Grizzly Adams (I spit here at the mention of those mingers) are all perfectly, pleasantly plain - and yet they actually get work! She's much more comfortable talking about God than her career. I remove the cushions from my lap and switch off my Dictaphone.

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Megan is preparing for the end of times by studying the Bible."I've read the Bible," Megan Fox says. Beautiful, feminine, curvaceous and religious, she is the exact opposite of Richard Dawkins. Megan Fox, American bombshell, takes my hand, walks me to the door and leaves to attend to her newborn son. In the ancient story of the flood, Noah rescues animals from extinction by building an enormous Ark.