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It was the first time a Black woman (Ava) directed a prime-time network TV drama created by a Black woman (Shonda Rhimes) and starring a Black woman (Kerry Washington). He starts telling him about an interview he submitted his name for with Daniel Douglas, VP Sally’s hubby. Ennehweighs, he goes to his office to call Olivia, who lets the phone ring (for once) instead of running to it. Blood Thirsty – Maya is crouched in the corner of her cell, kneeling in a puddle of blood. Quinn’s Run-in – Quinn goes to a building where the guard was killed and it’s because she wants to get there before Huck does to get the security footage. Wrist Chewer – In a small room with a hospital bed is Mama Pope, who was rushed there. Murder Mystery – The Gladiators are all focused on finding who the murderer was and they’re going though footage.

You gotta be off your shit to eat your own wrist like that. Meanwhile, Candice’s missing laptop was found at the Reston campaign offices. *twirls and moonwalks* She’s scared that she will be discovered as the killer of the security guard and Charlie leaves her there after saying she’ll figure something out. Parenting Popes – Maya and Eli are gushing over Olivia’s pics, and for a second, they become two normal parents who are proud of their baby girl. Daddy Goon basically tells her that she got her damb nerve to call him to the carpet like that, seeing as how this is her fault. Husband Shade – Cyrus is so gung-ho about this Daniel-James plan but Mellie’s giving him the side-eye.

Red Hot Scheming – Mellie is rocking this BAD ASS red suit and strutting through the halls of the White House with Cyrus. The Setup – James is tryna figure out what he’s gonna wear for his big interview with Daniel and Cyrus is telling him not to be so business-y. Then Mama Pope notices that ALL of the pics she’s seeing of her daughter are press clippings. He tells the doctor that the “prisoner” will be moved the next day and to make sure she’s well-sedated. He’s not ready for her to go but Liv is the queen of “Hit it and Quit it.” She’ont e’em cuddle or nothing. When she tries to warn him not to open up Pandora’s box, he ain’t trying to hear it. Pawn in Man Cave – James is at Daniel’s home, specifically his “man cave” ready to give his interview. (-_-) ——– In case you’ve missed these previous posts I’ve written on Scandal, check them out to catch up: * The Brolivia Pope Theory: Who is Harrison?

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The former Baby Huck walks into OPA conference room as they’re talmbout the dude she killed and solving the mystery of who did it.

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