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Updating links in powerpoint

As we learned from the above paragraph, Power Point creates links from two types of files: The reason why these links do not work is because Power Point typically “links” these files — so the linked files are not contained within the Power Point presentation file at all.When you are playing your slides, and Power Point encounters a linked file — it fetches the file from its original location and plays it or shows it — depending upon what type of file it is.

Auto Update = pp Update Option Manual End With End If End With Hello wilsoff... Source Full Name then it only shows me the first reference to the xlsx, with no square brackets or repeated xlsx filename If I add the same message box to your code it suggests the .Have you ever inserted an audio (sound) or video (movie) clip on your Power Point slide only to discover that while the media clips do play on the computer where they were inserted, but not on any other computer?Or did you add hyperlinks to Excel sheets, Word documents, and PDFs from within your Power Point presentation, only to discover that those link also do not work on any other computer, other than where they were linked!I have been given the job to update a powerpoint which has about 100 charts in it that link to a single (very large) excel spreadsheet. I took screen shots of the edit links box after I ran the macro to show you what I am seeing. I do it by going to excel, clicking on the chart, copying, then pasting it into the powerpoint slide. Screenshot: Edit Yours is showing Type: Excel Worksheet Without being able to get it to show me the same thing it's tricky to develop somethign to fix it.At present these links refer to an old version of the excel file in a specific file locations. If I were trying to do it I would use this logic: read the whole name into a whole String find the position of the open square bracket in whole String copy everything upto and including the square bracket into a new variable, start String find the position of the close square bracket in whole String copy the close square bracket and everything after it into end String then concatenate the parts with: whole String = start String & Excel File & end String You may have to play with Excel File to get it to just give you just the filename without the full path - possibly with yet another variable, say Excel File Short Good luck, and Merry Christmas.

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First a little history — look at our Stop Underlining Your Descenders! The code looks at underlined text throughout your presentation, and removes underlines from characters that have descenders.