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If you own an Android smartphone or tablet and your apps keep annoyingly updating themselves then here's our guide on how to stop Android apps automatically updating.It's a good idea to keep your apps up to date on your smartphone or tablet to get the latest levels or important bug and security fixes.You can select for the Platform to sort your programs by category, by alphabetical order, or either with favorites and recent apps displayed first, something that the program calls “Smart” organizing.Other options include themes and other preferential settings, e.g.The final install path is “C:\Program Files\Portable Firefox\App\Firefox\”. The next window shows the options for shortcuts, deselect all three and click “Next”.The final window should only display the install location for your portable.Have you been enjoying all the goodness of portable Firefox, but find updating it to the newest version a problem?Now you can update your portable browser as easily as your regular install of Firefox.

Once you locate your portable browser’s home folder, you will need to browse deeper into it to find the location to install to (here the home folder is named Portable Firefox and is located in Program Files).

Look for and select the folder named “Firefox” located in the “App” folder. Note: As you can see in the expanded folder view, your profile folder is located in the “Data” folder outside of your install location.

This will keep your settings, extensions, themes, and other customisation intact while updating.

See also: How to manually update an Android smartphone or tablet.

Step One On your Android smartphone or tablet open the Google Play Store.

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Most of us know about portable apps for Windows, and how useful they can be sometimes. Up until recently though, maintaining portable apps was not pleasant for me.