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To clarify the information, compare the information on the STAT/MEMB panel to the case file or contact the client for more information.

If the client does not know or have a Social Security number: Enter the MAXIS Person Master Index (PMI) number in the NPN block at the bottom of the SS-5.

Enter the client's Social Security number (SSN) and appropriate code on the MAXIS STAT/MEMB panel.

Even numbered Group Codes between "10" and "98" are issued next3.

In this tip, the High Group list issued by the Social Security Administration is used to check if a particular SSN is valid.

SSN is broken into three parts xxx-xx-xxxx, the first three represent the Area Code (geographical location), the next two represent the Group Code and the last four represent the sequence.

Maine’s law prohibits the denial of goods or services because an individual refuses to provide an SSN, with limited exceptions.

Use the SSA/DHS data exchange to verify Social Security numbers for all people applying for assistance.

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For example, if the person number is 12345, the PMI for the SS-5 is: 240-00012345.

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